We provide school board training that is unparalleled in America. Our research-based training is designed for the entire leadership team—school board, superintendent, and senior staff—because cohesive, reform-minded leadership is key to raising student achievement and eliminating achievement gaps.

In our Reform Governance® in Action program, school board/superintendent teams receive training on how to become effective—even transformational—leaders. District teams can join with other district teams in regional workshops or as cohorts in longer, intensive training programs that involve institutes and on-site sessions with faculty members.

Every year, CRSS also offers school board conferences that incorporate our signature RGA training. In topics involving good governance, board members learn how to establish productive relationships, conduct efficient board meetings, and ensure the integrity of the district’s business systems without micromanaging. In topics on reform governance, board members learn how to play a pivotal leadership role in improving student achievement and eliminating achievement gaps.

What does the research tells us?

A McREL study determined that key leadership responsibilities have a significant impact on student achievement.  They include:

  • Collaborative goal-setting
  • Non-negotiable goals for achievement and instruction
  • Board alignment with and support of district goals
  • Monitoring achievement and instruction goals
  • Use of resources to support the goals for instruction and achievement
  • CRSS training shows board/superintendent teams how to effectively carry out these and other critical responsibilities on the road to higher student achievement.