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Finding Professional Development and Collaboration Time for Teachers

As we know, students get better when teachers get better, and teachers get better while doing their work individually and collaboratively.  They assess student needs, determine the knowledge, tools, resources, and materials necessary to meet those needs, and finally, examine student output and adjust instructional practice.

But how do schools find time for collaborative planning and professional learning without losing instructional time?  Can this be done without spending more money?

School by Design (SxD) is a sustainable process that helps educators make informed decisions to improve their schools’ use of resources, including time, staff, class scheduling, and curriculum configuration.

In the SxD process, local educators learn how to examine their current use of staff and time and explore creative new scenarios so they can create the best conditions possible for teaching and learning.

A Process for Sustainable Improvement

School by Design (SxD) begins with an audit of your current use of resources, including time spent and staffing allocations.  It then gives you access to software that helps you organize and analyze your data so you can make smart decisions on the optimal use of those resources.  It is important to note, however, that SxD is not a standard scheduling program but a process for sustainable improvement.  Experienced education leaders will transfer knowledge and skills that create expertise within your team, allowing you to continue this work without consulting support.

Finding time through this data analysis leads to strategic improvement planning, allowing you to design creative master schedules that increase time for professional development and collaborative planning while maximizing time for instruction.

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