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I am deeply grateful for being included in this life-changing experience in Santa Fe. Your facilitation of case studies and new learning was masterful…I am a better leader for having attended this institute.
Carol Ann Bonds-Superintendent, San Angelo ISD, Texas
The most important take away for me is the confirmation that I must be a leader to inform the public regarding the District’s educational issues and policies.  Inclusive of this knowledge is heightening my sense of urgency to be a REFORMER but this will create ACTION for change.
Paula Wright-Board Member, Duval County Public Schools, Florida
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of an extremely insightful, thought provoking and intense learning experience.  Your institute is creating a forum for those of us who really believe in meaningful service that promotes education and nothing else.
Sonal Bhuchar-Board Member, Fort Bend ISD, Texas