“I learned quickly as a superintendent that my staff and I could not do it alone.  I developed partnerships to assess the inner workings of my district.  These fresh and objective eyes gave me vital information, baseline assessments, and ideas, allowing me to make decisions that saved the district millions of dollars that I was ultimately able to put toward instruction.  Further, I have worked closely with CRSS for over a decade.  The quality of their work is unparalleled, and I highly recommend their services to new superintendents looking for a baseline on district finances and operations and established leaders wanting to evaluate district performance and maximize resources that make it to the classroom.”

–      Rod Paige
U.S. Secretary of Education 2001-2005

The CRSS team of experts can help you objectively analyze your district’s performance in academics, finance, and governance with our District Improvement Initiative.  The District Improvement Initiative is a systemwide school district assessment and restructuring service designed to assist under-performing school districts achieve significant, sustainable improvements in student performance, effective and efficient system operations, and community support.


  • Academic audits may assess the effectiveness of instructional practices, use of data, and staffing patterns.
  • Operations audits may assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the major operations departments.
  • Financial audits look for inefficiencies, assumptions for future risk and revenue, and best practices of high-performing school district finance divisions.
  • Governance audits may evaluate the presence and effectiveness of key governance functions.


  • Based on the audit results, CRSS will develop a performance improvement plan that maps your district’s path to enhanced student performance and improved operational efficiency.


  • To ensure successful execution, improvement strategies are best supported with a change management plan and ongoing guidance.

More information about K-12 Educational Services may be found in the brochure and the Center for Reform of School Systems K-12 Educational Services white paper.