“I got elected to the school board.  Now what do I do?”

Established in 2001, the Texas Institute for School Boards offers training and support to newly elected board members and superintendents from the largest school districts in Texas.  Participants leave knowing exactly what it means to be a good board member along with a network of reform-minded state education leaders and faculty as peers.

The institute covers theory and practice of school district improvement and policy-level roles and responsibilities of school board members and superintendents.  Curriculum is a balanced program of original Texas case studies, scenarios, discussions, faculty presentations, and readings.  All issues are presented within the unique demographic, political, and policy context of Texas. The faculty includes some of the most stimulating and knowledgeable practitioners, policymakers, and researchers in the state.

The Texas Institute is funded entirely by Texas foundations and corporations.  It was created by the Center for Reform of School Systems with generous grants from The Meadows Foundation, Houston Endowment, Inc., and others.

The Texas Institute takes place annually in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contact us to learn more about the Texas Institute for School Boards and how it is helping urban district leaders improve public education in our state.